Thursday, January 2, 2014

Living In The Moment

     By living and abiding by the structure that our spiritual awakening has created we see what it means to live a healthy balanced lifestyle. Healthy work ethic and healthy relationships are what make up our lives. By striving for clarity in our work as it is carefully directed towards a goal that is meant to carry on our legacy we understand that our fingerprints on the world will not be forgotten. Through character and resilience we set our goals higher than the world. Relationships are what make up the world and the circle of life. By striving towards increasing the glue that holds our relationships together we are reinforcing the building blocks of how the world came to be. In the beginning, God had a direct relationship with His Son before the world came to be, for He was the Son who would give His life for the world. This relationship between God and His Son is our vision for the entire world. Each day we are to become more and more like God and His Son. Greater love hath no man than this...

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