Friday, January 3, 2014


     Taking chances is a part of life. Following our heart sometimes requires that we take a leap of faith and ask that God take over. As we live our lives bearing all of the qualities of the fruit of the spirit we know that we cannot go wrong. Love demands that we take chances to ensure that we do not lose what is most precious and true. Our job is to ensure that the love that we bear is blessed by God. If this is true, then no one can take away that love.
     Chances are situations that demand looking to our higher power, God. Making wise decisions is a part of knowing the difference between right and wrong. If we truly look to God in all of our decisions then we bear a clear conscience. Living without guilt is what God desires for us. We live and we learn. We are to be morally in tact with God's spirit as our guide. 
     Through prayer and perseverance we are capable of walking through the doors of opportunity that God has placed in our lives. If the heart is right then we must follow our heart in order that we do not lose touch with what is most important. 

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